Blind Rescue Dog Finds His New Human ‘Guide’

  Meet Tiny Tim, an 11-year-old blind dog who found his very own human to help him navigate around the world!     When his elderly owner realized she couldn’t take care of him anymore, she took the difficult decision to give him to someone who could.     The small Westie had a number […]

WATCH: 5 Cute Moments Of Johnny Depp With His Fans

johnny depp

  Johnny Depp has our heart.   Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow Visiting Patients     Johnny Depp Receiving a Soft Toy From a Fan     Johnny Depp Receives Flowers From Fan While Leaving Court       Johnny Depp Receives Drawing Of Him From Fan         Johnny Depp Reacts […]

Nick Jonas & Priyanka Chopra Share 1st Photo Of Child

  Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas have introduced their baby girl to the world!   Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra wrote an emotional Mother’s Day post reflecting on the baby’s first months of life.       View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Nick Jonas (@nickjonas)     View this post […]

Cats Like You’ve Never Seen Them Before

  Its no question that cats never fail to be adorable in any scenario they’re in. Pictures of them making cute faces or putting themselves in peculiar situations have managed to brighten up our days in the most wholesome way possible.   There’s nothing better than normal-sized cats doing cute things, right? That’s not what […]

Cat Doing Challenging Obstacle Test Goes Viral

Meet Mia, the TikTok-famous Persian cat. The internet has an infinite selection cat videos. But this one has everyone particularly impressed.     Mia’s owners post videos of “obstacle tests” they set up for her online and get millions of views.     Mia is able to go through “mazes of hurdles” (plastic cups, for […]

Woman Saves 41 Puppies From Being Euthanised

  By putting 41 puppies into a special rescue plane, this animal enthusiast spared 41 puppies from being euthanized at an overcrowded shelter.     Lexi Hovarth, a 22-year-old marketing coordinator from Orlando, Florida, is part of a group that travels to Enterprise, Alabama on a weekly basis to help save numerous dogs. These dogs […]

IN PHOTOS: 7 Pieces Of Life Advice From Seniors

  As the saying goes, the older you are, the wiser you will be! A senior community asked its retired residents to share advice for young people.   Here are some of our favourties.                          

WATCH: Man Films Giving Puppucinos To Dogs

  A man filmed himself giving puppucinos to cute dogs in the Drive Thru all day! Check out the video below:     View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Graham (@grahamcrackers888)

IN PHOTOS: Racoon Artists Pose Next To Their Paintings

  Meet Piper and Cheeto – the two racoon artists and the next Picasso!     Tito the Racoon showcases the colourful abstract hand painting which are taking social media by storm. They range from a $75 a piece called “Tiny Masterpiece” by Cheeto to a total of $150 for a “Custom Masterpiece” done with […]

WATCH: Dog Rings Doorbell For Owners To Let Her In

  Diamond the dog got impatient waiting for her owners to open the door, so she decided to ring the doorbell instead!         @doriandavis077 We didnt get to the door fast enough for her!! 🤣🤪😳 #blacklab #dogsofttiktok #puppiesoftiktok #smartpooch #littledramaqueen @luavapatkotak ♬ original sound – spatkotak   In the video Diamond can […]

WATCH: Post Malone Has Heartfelt Moment With Fan

  We need more people like you Post Malone!     Post Malone is quite known for being a very nice guy. In fact. one can find YouTube compilations titled as: Post Malone being a good guy for 6 minutes straight, Top 10 Times Post Malone Was Awesome and Post Malone is the NICEST Person […]

Meet The World’s First Surfing Corgi

  Making the rounds online, Corgi Jojo has become an inspirational internet sensation for his story!   Ending up wounded after a serious attack from another dog, Jojo’s owner Josephine introduced his to surfing to help his heal, and it seems to have worked! Who what have thought, eh?     Although, now that Jojo […]

Here’s Why Your Dog Tilts Their Head When You Talk To Them

  Don’t you just love science? We get to learn more and more about our fur babies and how they communicate – and this study is bringing something new…     Turns out, if your dog tilts their head when you talk, it might be more than just a cute gesture – they might be […]