ON VIDEO: Woman Transforms Luzzu Into A Cat Shelter

cat shelter

  Have you spotted this cute initiative yet?   A fishing boat has been converted by Natasha Gafa, a volunteer, into a home for 17 cats.     The boat, which is situated on a central strip in Marsaxlokk, has been sectioned into several distinct boxes where the cats can live.     View this […]

Men Kept 47 Cats In His Car During Hot Temperatures

Cats car

  A man was caught keeping a total of 47 cats in his car while he was also living in it!     Nearly 50 cats were being kept in the car with their owner without proper ventilation and hydration, despite the multiple warnings to take extra care for pets during higher temperatures.     […]

Owner Of 80 Cats And Dogs Sadly Passes Away

Owner Dogs

  Austin, also known as the man who took care of more than 80 dogs and cats has sadly passed away.     His passing was announced yesterday by Jenkins Maria, leaving everyone who heard the news extremely broken-hearted.   This exemplary local looked after the animals he found on the streets to try his […]

Pet Owners Make Tiny Sliders Out Of Pets’ Fur

  A trend circling around on TikTok is showing pet owners using their pets’ hair to create different accessories ranging from tiny “Nike” sliders for cats and tiny sombreros for guinea pigs.     This TikTok shows one user’s process of assembling the tiny “Nike” sliders for her cat using her cat’s fur.     […]

Cats Like You’ve Never Seen Them Before

  Its no question that cats never fail to be adorable in any scenario they’re in. Pictures of them making cute faces or putting themselves in peculiar situations have managed to brighten up our days in the most wholesome way possible.   There’s nothing better than normal-sized cats doing cute things, right? That’s not what […]

Micro-Chipping For Cats Could Become Obligatory In Malta

  Cat micro-chipping could be made obligatory in Malta. Although micro-chipping is already obligatory for dogs, the increasing numbers of stray cats in Malta is causing the authorities to tackle the situation.     In Malta, micro-chipping for dogs has been obligatory for the past ten years with people who don’t provide the required information […]

Urgent Appeal To Save Cat-Therapy Shelter

  Animal Guardians Malta, which serves as a cat café and a cat-therapy shelter, is in desperate need of donations in order to keep the shelter functioning and to keep on providing to the cats.   They said: “We are constantly in a hard financial situation and totally depend on your kindness to feed or […]

Maltese local council comes up with ‘purrfect’ idea

A Maltese council has been praised for coming up with a ‘purrfect’ way to help the island’s feral cats. San Gwann Local Council is one of the first in Malta to introduce outdoor cat shelters in its public gardens. The boxes allow stray kitties to keep cool, safe and dry by providing them with year-round […]