Introducing Bay Player: Listening to The Bay Network has Never Been Easier!

You’re not the only one doing some spring cleaning! We have also taken the opportunity to do it ourselves. The new Bay Player is cleaner, fresher, and easier to use! It’s as easy as this: Tap on ‘Listen’. Choose which station you’d like to jam to. Hit the ‘Play’ button. Dance away like nobody’s watching. […]

Your incredible photos of Malta and Gozo this December

If there’s one month of the year when Malta sparkles that little bit more, it’s December – so it’s no surprise that we’ve been inundated with gorgeous photos this month. Our usual call for your best photos of Malta was met with hundreds of responses, and we’ve chosen just a few of our favourites to […]

10 ways expats realise they’ve become Maltese

Malta is home to tens of thousands of expats from Britain, Australia, Canada, Italy, the United States and many more. But if you live here for more than a few months you’ll quickly pick up unique Maltese quirks, mannerisms and sayings. It’s strange but true. If you’re an expat, you’ll know you’ve suddenly become Maltese […]

20 images of Malta’s ‘most beautiful sunset ever’

This was the incredible view of sunset over Malta that some described as the ‘most beautiful’ they had ever seen. Scores of people took to social media to share their snaps of a warm orange glow over Malta as the sun sunk beneath the horizon. Instagram users said the scene was the ‘most incredible’ and […]

20 epic drone shots of Malta from above

  We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Malta is without question one of the most beautiful islands in the world. Talented aerial photographer Alex Turnbull has captured all of the colours of Malta with a series of incredible drone shots. From the bustling heart of Valletta to the sandy beach at Golden Bay, […]

Revealed: Malta’s most Instagrammed places this summer

Malta has been an Instagram heaven this summer. From stunning views to grand architecture and beautiful beaches, there have been so many things to capture. Instagram vice-president Andrew Royal told 89.7 Bay: ‘Instagram is all about passion. Users tend to share photographs that detail only the beautiful moments in their lives. ‘Compared to a popularity […]

Malta smashes a massive Instagram milestone

Malta has passed a major social media milestone. The hashtag #Malta has now been used more than four million times on Instagram. Valletta’s amazing architecture, Mdina’s narrow streets, Gozo’s stunning scenery and Comino’s sparkling Blue Lagoon were almost made for the photo-sharing app. #Valletta is the most hashtagged spot in the Maltese Islands, taking over […]

Malta reaches another major Instagram milestone

Malta has reached another major social media milestone. The hashtag #Malta has now been used more than six MILLION times on Instagram. Valletta’s amazing architecture, Mdina’s narrow streets, Gozo’s stunning scenery and Comino’s sparkling Blue Lagoon were some of the most popular Instagram hot spots. Social media experts say Malta was almost made for the […]

10 of Malta’s most breathtaking sunrises EVER

There are few things greater than a beautiful sunrise to start your day. We’re lucky that Malta is blessed with many awe-inspiring places to watch the sunrise. So if you’re looking to experience and soak up the very best sunrises the Maltese Islands have to offer, here are 10 gorgeous locations to ignite inspiration. Take a look, below, and you’ll […]

These 10 gorgeous spots are Malta’s hidden gems

We all know the best beauty spots in Malta and Gozo, the ones mentioned in all the guidebooks and on bucket lists. And rightly so, because they’re fabulous. But sometimes it’s nice to head off the beaten track and discover something new. Talented Maltese photographer James Scicluna has been out and about with his trusty […]

10 stunning paintings of Malta you’ll want on your walls

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so these paintings must be worth a fortune. Elisabeth Saguna is the latest Maltese artist to become a social media sensation after several of her beautiful oil paintings of Malta went viral after appearing on Bay Easy’s award-winning Facebook page. Elizabeth told Bay she loves to ‘capture the […]

Amazing colour photos show Malta life 50 years ago

An amateur photographer has released a series of fascinating images capturing life in Malta 50 years ago. The extraordinary photos show iconic landmarks such as Gozo’s Azure Window and Valletta’s Grand Harbour as well as scenes from everyday life in the Maltese Islands. Jim Payne, who runs the Through Their Eyes history website, said the […]

What do you miss about your childhood in Malta?

Remember those long, hot summer days at the beach followed by a quick dash to the nearest corner shop to stock up on your favourite sweets? Whether you loved playing skipping in Malta’s streets or having water fights with your friends, there are certain things we all miss about growing up in ‘the old Malta’. Now, […]

How well do you know Malta from the air?

Malta’s beauty has been captured in a new series of stunning aerial photographs. The images are the perfect way to see Malta’s landmarks from a unique perspective. The pictures looking down on Malta were snapped by photographer Harri Itkonen. He told 89.7 Bay: ‘These are not drone photographs. ‘I actually took these with my trusty […]

The most breathtaking sunsets over Malta revealed

It happens every single day, but somehow a sunset never loses its allure. Nature’s version of a supermodel, they look divine from every angle, against any backdrop. One thing is for sure: you can’t beat a Maltese sunset. 89.7 Bay fans have captured some stunning sunset shots over Malta and Gozo this year. These striking […]

WATCH: Spectacular video shows Malta blitzed by lightning

Watching lightning bolts from your bedroom window is one thing, watching as they strike right above you is something entirely different. As storms raged across Malta and Gozo last week, Fredrick Muscat captured them in all their mesmerising beauty. Now the talented Maltese photographer has released a breathtaking new time-lapse video, showing powerful thunderstorms and forked lightning […]