10 Malta masterpieces you’ll want on your walls

If a picture is worth a thousand words then these paintings of Malta must be worth a fortune. Painter Jacqueline Agius believes that every home needs an artist’s impression of Malta hanging on a wall somewhere. Her current exhibition of watercolours, showcasing Malta’s charming streets and countryside, is being held at the Marina Hotel Corinthia Beach Resort […]

Valletta statue vandals branded ‘an utter disgrace’

A controversial street art project to celebrate Valletta 2018 has suffered a major setback. Six statues were badly damaged after being unveiled on the streets of the capital just 24 hours earlier. The chairman of Valletta 2018 blamed ‘vandals’, describing them as ‘ignorant’ and ‘an utter disgrace’. Jason Micallef claimed ‘sick minds could not stand […]

Introducing Malta’s new capital of street art… Paola

Malta’s latest mural masterpiece has been unveiled. The stunning street art is the work of leading Maltese artist Justin Bonnici. He unveiled his latest mural on Valletta Road in the heart of Paola, opposite the town’s police station. It took only two days to create the artwork, which was commissioned by a Paola bar. This […]

8 more awesome paintings of Malta you’ll want in your home

We all love Malta’s beauty and picture-perfect scenery. But if a picture is worth a thousands words then these paintings must be worth a small fortune. Following our last collection of stunning Maltese paintings you’ll want hanging in your home, here are another eight to add to that list. Ray Piscopo of www.RayPiscopo.com  is an […]