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A gender reveal mix up 😂


During his recent Kansas City concert, Ed Sheeran attempted his inaugural on-stage gender reveal, though it appears he could use a bit more practice. The couple involved shared with a local news station that, contrary to Sheeran’s announcement, their upcoming baby is not, in fact, a girl. Erica Garcia Gomez explained that a family friend misread the gender chart, leading to the mix-up where her own gender was read instead of the baby’s.


Despite the confusion, Erica Garcia Gomez and her husband Eloy hold no ill will towards Ed Sheeran for the mishap. She expressed their gratitude, stating, “We want to express our appreciation to Ed Sheeran for orchestrating this moment for us, creating a night to remember. Eventually, we’ll find humor in the situation – he said it’s a girl, but it’s truly a boy.” Interestingly, the song “Perfect,” during which Sheeran paused for the gender reveal, holds special significance as it was the couple’s wedding song.