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Taylor Swift Releases Trailer For Eras Tour Movie

Calling all devoted Swifties!     Taylor Swift has just unveiled her exciting plan to transform her Eras Tour into an immersive concert film that will grace the big screen in cinemas. As of now, details have been exclusively disclosed for the release in the United States. The luminary shared her heartfelt sentiment on her […]

Women Celebrated At The Peach Party For Pride

Peach is presenting a new party, with all the details in their poster! 🍑   Additionally, a couple of concealed delights are in store, prepared discreetly by the organizing team..   The featured artists will be: @sssssunta 💥 @davvy_p_malta 💥 @tiffanypisaniofficial 💥   Anticipation is high for the approaching gathering.. don’t miss out!  

MSPCA To Organise Animal & Fashion Sustainibility Event

The Malta Society for the Protection and Care of Animals (MSPCA) is presenting “Reloved,” a unique event aimed at advocating animal welfare and promoting fashion sustainability. This dual-purpose occasion will take place at the Maria Rosa Winery Estate on the 14th September at 7:30 pm.   “Reloved” promises an evening filled with informative presentations about […]

5K Study Participants Claim There Is Life After Death

Do you believe in life after death? 🤔 The question that often arises in everyone’s mind is where we go or what happens to us after we die. Dr. Jeffrey Long from Kentucky, who has studied around 5000 near-death experiences, believes without a doubt that there is life after death. Dr. Long explains that no […]