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Abandoned Town Is Full Of Disney-Looking Castles

Abandoned Town Disney Castles

  In northwest Turkey, next to Mudurnu, about halfway between Istanbul and Ankara, is the $200 million housing development known as Burj Al Babas.     The hundreds of castle-style villas were abandoned in the middle of construction after the developers encountered financial difficulties.   Initial construction on Burj Al Babas started in 2014 with the […]

13-Year-Old Girl Fights Off Shark And Survives

13 Girl Shark Survives

  What a brave girl!     After being attacked twice, a 13-year-old was able to repel a large shark.   On May 11, Ella Reed was taking a swim off the coast of Florida when a six-foot-long bull shark charged at her and bit into her ribs.   “It wouldn’t leave me alone, so […]

This Beach In Mexico Is Found Hidden In A Crater

Beach Mexico Hidden Crater

  From above, this crater just seems to be a hole in the surface of the earth.   This hidden beach is called Islas Marietas and is found in Mexico.     Once inside this crater, a magnificent beach with warm, clear water and an attractive stretch of sand is exposed.  

OnlyFans Model Finds Out No.1 Fan Is Her Step Father

OnlyFans Model Step Father

  Adult content producer, known as Tai, shared her story on TikTok.     She learned that her stepdad had spent more than $2000 AUD ($1300 USD) on her explicit work.   Even worse, she disclosed that he had been a member of the family ever since she was only 11 years old, and that […]

Injured Dog Rescued After Climbing Up Mountain

Dog Rescued Mountain

  The exhausted Akita dog, ‘Rocky’, was unable to make it down the mountain on his own because of cuts all over his paws.     This was after the dog and his owners were scaling up Scafell Pike.   Therefore, the cute dog needed assistance by mountain rescuers when going down England’s highest mountain. […]

8 Endangered Animals We Need To Protect

Endangered Animals Protect

  It’s Endangered Species Day today!     On this day we made a list of critically endangered animals we need to seriously protect.   Check out the animals below:   African forest elephant     Amur leopard     Black Rhino     Eastern Lowland Gorilla     Hawksbill Turtle     Orangutan   […]

7 Places Around Malta & Gozo Perfect For BBQs

BBQ Malta Gozo

  BBQ season is just around the corner!     So if you want to host a BBQ but are unsure of the best location, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.   Make sure to get a permit from each location’s respective local council before organising your BBQ there.   The following are Malta’s top […]

Italy Floods Leave 13 Dead And 13,000 Homeless

Our hearts are with you Italy..     Northern Italy is grappling with the aftermath of ‘apocalyptic’ floods that have wreaked havoc on communities, claiming the lives of at least eight individuals.   In the popular holiday region of Emilia-Romagna, thousands have been evacuated from their homes, while the Italian Grand Prix in Imola had […]

Miley Cyrus Stuns In New Photoshoot For Vogue

Miley looking as stunning as ever 😍   Miley Cyrus has recently captured attention with her most daring photoshoot to date, where she confidently showcases a green satin bra and miniskirt combination on the cover of a prominent fashion magazine.   Marking a significant milestone in her career, this marks the first occasion for the […]

1 In 6 Adults Are Diagnosed With Depression

Over 1 in 6 persons in the United States are currently receiving treatment for depression, which is the highest rate ever.     Following the pandemic, analysts have noticed a continuous rise in depression, which they blame to social isolation, fear of illness, loneliness, and weariness.   According to statistics, those who are 18 to […]

Shakira Released Adorable New Song With Her Kids

In the heartfelt music video for her brand-new ballad “Acróstico,” Shakira emphasizes her love for her kids.   Last week, the singer released the tune just in time for Mother’s Day.   The poignant open letter “Acróstico” is written to her two children Milan and Sasha, who are also shown in the video. The majority […]

Surprises, Challenges, and Eliminations: The Intense Semifinals of Brillanti Dance!

Raffael and Federica both advanced from the Brillanti Dance jury’s selection in the competition’s semifinals!     The 10 semifinalists will now compete in the 5 semifinals in the hopes of becoming the Brillanti Dance champions and winning €15,000 in cash thanks to their great performance in the Play Offs, which helped them secure an […]

€300 Fines For Texting And Driving Starting Today

Don’t text and drive! In an effort to decrease traffic accidents on our roads, Transport Malta announced hikes in the fines and points that would be taken off for infractions of the traffic laws in February.   They will go into effect as of today. Additionally, drivers who are discovered using a phone while driving […]