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Russell Crowe Hosting A Concert In Malta On June 17th

Malta welcomes Russell Crowe’s Indoor Garden Party on June 17th as a part of the lead-up to the first-ever Mediterrane Film Festival.     The star-studded event will take place at Pjazza San Gorg, Valletta, featuring both local and international artists, showcasing the strong connections between Malta and the global film industry. The concert, organized […]

Rihanna Reveals Sons Name Is RZA Athelston Mayers

Rihanna and A$AP Rocky’s son’s unique name has been revealed just two days before his first birthday on the 13th May.   According to the birth certificate which was obtained and published by the Daily Mail, the musical power couple named their first child RZA Athelston Mayers. The name reveal came as a surprise, especially […]

Some Of Our Favourite Celebrity Mothers

From Hollywood actresses to music icons and businesswomen, these moms have shown us that motherhood is a beautiful and rewarding experience, but also a demanding and challenging one. In time for mothers day, many famous moms have become role models for their parenting style and their ability to balance their careers and family life! Here […]

The 3rd Love Island Malta Islander: Gabrielle

  Excitement is building for the premiere of Love Island Malta, and the third contestant has just been announced.     Meet Gabrielle, a beauty assistant and student who loves spending time with her friends, attending parties, and engaging in social activities. Gabrielle’s motto in life is to live every day like it’s your last, […]

Holograms Replace Live Circus Animals In Germany

Circus Roncalli has phased out the use of wild animals in their shows since the 1990s.   Using modern technology, they have incorporated large animal holograms that are just as captivating as live animal performances. Established in 1976, Circus Roncalli was among the first circuses to eliminate live animals, and the holograms have now fully […]

Meet The 2nd Love Island Malta Islander: Nicola

love island nicola

The second contestant for Love Island Malta has just been revealed, and fans of the show are in for a treat 💖   Meet Nicola, a radiology student who loves going on sunset drives and partying with her friends. Nicola is all about adventure, and viewers can expect the unexpected when she enters the villa. […]

Sven Revealed As First Love Island Malta Islander

Excitement is building as the first contestant for Love Island Malta has been revealed today 💖   Meet Sven, an ambitious and driven individual who is ready to make waves in the villa. Sven is not just a student but also a footballer and finance employee who has a motto in life – ‘Take the […]

People Who Like To Swear Tend To Be More Honest

Do you like to swear? According to a study conducted by researchers from the University of Cambridge, individuals who frequently use profanity may be more honest compared to those who refrain from swearing.           The study, led by David Stillwell, a Reader in Computational Social Science at the Judge Business School, […]

Old Monuments Rebuilt Using Flying Drone Lights

Should we do this in Malta?   As time marches forward, cities are erased and eras become history, leaving only remnants of the past.   However, with Cyberdrone, we can dress the ruins in futuristic architectural clothing, providing a drone light restoration that occurs right before our eyes, brick by brick. It’s a vibrant journey […]

Malta’s Number Of Female Bosses Surpass EU’s Average

Female empowerment!     More Maltese workers now have female immediate bosses than in 2010, with the figure increasing from 19% to 36%, according to a survey by Eurofound.   The figure is just one point above the EU average of 35%. In 2010, less than a fifth of Maltese workers had female bosses, whereas […]

Maltese Mums We All Know And Love

  Mother’s Day is a dedicated to honor and appreciate the remarkable women who have selflessly nurtured and cared for us throughout our lives, and we’re here to celebrate some of our Maltese mums! Here are some of the many mothers we know and love in Malta! Eileen Montesin & Christine Haber Christabelle Camilleri Philippa […]

Tom Holland Goes Sober For A Year For His Mental Health

The star of Spider-Man shared that collaborating with psychiatrists to comprehend the character he portrays in the new Apple TV series “The Crowded Room” has aided him in identifying his personal triggers and stressors.   In addition, the 26-year-old actor revealed to Entertainment Weekly that he has refrained from consuming alcohol for one year and […]