You’ve Been Warned! More Showers Expected This Week


Friendly advice for this week…best to have the umbrella handy from today, up until Friday as the Met Office is forecasting showers on a daily basis, with the highest temperature being 20ºC, and the lowest being 13ºC to 15ºC.



Maltese Islands Weather in fact states that “A low-pressure system over the central Mediterranean will remain stationary for much of this week, as local meteorological conditions will be ideal to sustain it. We expect it to rain at some point on all days till at least Friday 27/11. Any showers may be heavy, thundery, and with hail at times.”



However, the site says, this does not mean we won’t be seeing the sun. “Most days will feature several hours of mainly sunny or partly cloudy skies. The rain over the course of this week could help salvage an otherwise very dry November.”

With regards to the wind, Maltese Islands Weather says that “winds from an easterly quadrant will be dominant on most weekdays, before it’s likely we’ll see a shift to a more westerly direction by the weekend. The wind will be mainly moderate in strength, not exceeding Force 5, on weekdays. It could strengthen over the weekend. We’re not certain about this just yet though.”

To simplify, when heading out: Keys, Wallet, Mask, Sanitizer, (2m Mental Note), umbrella, and jackets!

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