“Your Radiant Smile Is Still My Inspiration to Try and Live Positively” – Carmel Pace


Four Months An Angel – This is how Carmel Pace started his heartfelt and emotional tribute to his wife, Miriam who died suddenly four months ago today, when her residence collapsed as a result of adjacent construction works in Hamrun.



“When I return home from work I try to speak to you just the same, but I only find your image in a picture, without a hug, a kiss, and without listening to your voice. Pray for us Mir, pray for our loved ones and protect them,” the message concludes.

Meanwhile, the compilation of evidence against four individuals who have been accused of Pace’s death through negligence and involuntarily damaging third-party property continued this morning.

During the sitting, Ivana Portelli, the daughter of the victim took the witness stand. Portelli told the court that her mother was experiencing severe anxiety as a result of the ongoing construction works. Ms Portelli mentioned in court that Ms Pace had scheduled an appointment with a psychologist for the end of March.