Your Online Order Taking Too Long? MaltaPost Issues An Update Regarding Delays


MaltaPost plc has issued an update about incoming mail from abroad, and the delays people are to expect in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The International Postal Network, MaltaPost said, is still very congested due to the suspension of various flights, as a consequence of the Covid-19 pandemic. Operational conditions at MaltaPost are difficult, especially at the “international mail processing centre”, with the cancellation of international flights causing delays in both inbound and outbound mail. This disruption is expected to continue until airlines resume normal operations and sufficient transport capacity becomes available.
Additionally, MaltaPost wishes to notify the public of various cases of misleading tracking information on Joom and AliExpress apps. There are also Chinese carriers (like Sunyou, Yanwen and Cianiao used by sellers on Joom, Wish, eBay and Aliexpress) that are posting automatic updates showing that mail items arrived in Malta when they did not. For correct tracking information, MaltaPost recommends using its website or the “sending postal operator’s tracking website”.
“Furthermore, MaltaPost acknowledges that all deliveries are critical to all its customers. MaltaPost is also very grateful for its customers support in these extraordinary circumstances. MaltaPost strives to provide best possible services at all times.”
For any queries, customers are invited to contact us via live chat on from Monday to Friday between 7.30 am and 2.30 pm or via a private message on our Facebook page or by email on [email protected] Please include your name and details of query and tracking numbers. MaltaPost also recommends that one follows its Facebook page for continuous updates.