Your guide to surviving the village festa week

Maltese Festa

Summer in Malta is a dream come true to some. You’ve got sun, sea, parties happening on a daily basis, and less traffic on the roads.

And while we can all agree that these are some of the joys that comes with living in Malta, some might believe that one of the ‘not-so-joyful’ parts is the village festa.

Now don’t get us wrong, we all love a good festa. Not only are they entertaining, but they’re a part of Maltese tradition which many of us love and look forward to.

But for the few who don’t, here’s your guide to surviving your village festa week.

1. Sleep with ear plugs in

There truly is nothing better than waking up with no interruptions. No alarm to jolt you up in the morning, no mom shouting at the top of her lungs to make sure you’ve gotten up for work.

But during festa week, every day at 8 a.m you’ll probably be woken up by what sounds like blanks being shot near your bedroom window, but don’t worry, they’re just fireworks.

2. Leave a chair in your usual parking spot … at your own risk

Just like dogs would mark their territory so that no other dog may trespass, so should you leave a chair so that no other being should dare to park in the parking spot in front of your garage.

Leave the chair at your own risk … as most most probably, someone will steal it.

With so many people visiting the festa, parking is going to be one of the biggest issues you’ll face.

3. Wear clothes you don’t particularly love

If curiosity gets the best of you, and you end up visiting the village square just to get a peek of what’s going on, make sure to wear clothes you’re not particularly fond of.

No matter which day you go, unless it’s Saturday night, the likelihood that you’ll be going home covered in a strong stench of beer and some colouring is pretty high.

4. Buy cheap beer and take it with you to the festa

Buying beer from the local band club and stalls in the vicinity might end up being an expensive affair, so buy beer from beforehand, chill it out and take it with you to the celebrations.

Since it’s open air, no one’s going to give two sh*ts on where you got your beer from.

5. Pretend like you know the words to all the marci

Even if you have to mumble your way to the refrain, no one will really hear the gibberish you’re singing anyways in all that noise.

6. Carry sunglasses with you at all times

Doesn’t matter if you’ll look like a weirdo wearing sunglasses during night time, especially if you’re going to watch the cicifogu.

They’re bright and looking at them for a long period of time might cause some damage. Not to mention the stuff that might get in your eyes in the mean time … so #staysafe.

7. Book an appointment at the dentist

With all the candyfloss you’re going to eat, your teeth are going to need so much needed TLC.

8. Book the Monday after the festa off

You’ll probably want to join in on the post-festa fun at the Xalata. A more chill side of the festa that all beach lovers will surely enjoy. And if you go to Armier, which is usually where all festa enthusiasts head to for the Xalata, you can enjoy the last bit of festa madness in the chillest way possible.


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