Your Good Deed for Summer? We Have it Sorted for You!


If you have been following the news, then you know as much as we do, that the past weeks have been characterised by a lot of traffic accidents. Unfortunately, an increase in traffic accidents is directly related to the supply of blood at Malta’s National Blood Transfusion Service.

Following an appeal by the service for people to donate blood, here at Eden Leisure Group, we have thought of making it easier for YOU to donate blood.



Eden Leisure Group is organising the ELG Blood Drive, this coming Friday 28th August, at 08:00am to 1:00pm at St Augustine Street, in front of Waterbiscuit.

All donors must have a Maltese ID Card Number, or Residence Card, and must adhere to Public Health Regulations regarding wearing of masks and social distancing.



ONE Blood Donation can save THREE lives, and when you rest your head on the pillow on Friday night, it will definitely feel good to know that your little good deed for Summer will definitely go a long way.

See You on Friday!