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Your cat knows its own name, say scientists

Hey Kitty! Yes, you.

A new study suggests that our pet cats know their own names.

No surprise to you or most cat owners in Malta, right?

But now scientists claim they have provided the first experimental evidence that cats can distinguish between words that we people say, like dogs do.

But whether cats care is another matter.

John Bradshaw, an expert on human–animal interactions from the University of Bristol, told 89.7 Bay: ‘Cats are just as good as dogs at learning, they’re just not as keen to show their owners what they’ve learnt.’

Atsuko Saito, from Sophia University in Tokyo and the author of the report said the study could be used to help improve cats’ quality of life in the future.

He wrote: ‘For example, perhaps we can get cats to learn that dangerous objects or places are referred to by specific utterances.

‘This work has shed new light on the ability of cats to communicate with humans.

‘Further clarifying cats’ abilities with respect to cat–human communication will potentially enhance the welfare of both humans and cats.’