Your Ashes Can Now Be Turned Into A Bath Bomb


In this day and age, there are plenty of things you can do with your ashes, from green funerals to turning yourself into soil, or even art. But 2021 is bringing something new to the scene – bath bombs.



A funeral director @funeraldirector07 recently took to TikTok to show users their ‘biodegradable urn’, which is essentially a giant bath bomb that can be used for burials at sea and can dissolve in under five minutes!



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Honestly, it’s pretty shocking how much it looks like a genuine bath bomb… The company, Urns for Water Burial, gives us some great examples of human bath bombs, from floating lotuses to love note urns. Pretty wholesome, right?



Although the burial method of cremation is yet to reach the Maltese Islands, some countries such as the UK are pretty easy when it comes to water burials. Individuals in the UK don’t require a license or any special permission to scatter at sea.


aerial view photography of sea


When scattered at sea, the urn will slowly sink to the bottom of the sea, where it will slowly dissolve and become one with the water.



Naturally, people had mixed feelings about the idea, but most seemed to love it, with one writing: ‘I’ve searched for a way to be extra even in death and I think I’ve found the answer here, quick question though, can I add custom glitter?’. Another hilariously added: ‘coming to Lush next fall, grandma’.


Would you want to be turned into a bath bomb?

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