Young Maltese woman goes viral with inspirational post talking about her battle with cancer

Sara Marston

Sara Marston was just 17 years old and in the midst of studying for her A-levels when she noticed swelling in her neck and was eventually diagnosed with Stage 2 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

She writes how she was ‘consumed with fear’ and ‘cried herself to sleep’ upon the diagnosis. She started chemotherapy just a week later.

She goes on to praise the staff of the Rainbow Ward at Mater Dei for always being there for her when her body suffered the effects of the chemotherapy; for being understanding when she was too tired to speak and for making her feel beautiful when she lost her hair.

She says that “these people are the real deal and their hearts are out of this world”.

Sara says that cancer took a lot from her and even after her treatment, she felt guilty about the fact that she survived whilst others don’t.

However, she also says that after her battle not only did she get her hair and physical strength back but her confidence, passion and love for life have been re-ignited and made even stronger.

When asked by Bay what her advice would be to young people going through their own battles, she said that it’s important to find inner strength and to forget about your own insecurities: “gaining weight due to an endless supply of steroids was an issue…I started to waste so much energy on pointing out my insecurities that I forgot about all that’s good”.

She also highlighted the importance of friendship during her treatment: “their presence is what really mattered”.

She thanks Puttinu for all they did with her and says that they “ have impacted [her] life in ways [she] could never put into words”.

You can meet brave people like Sara and help do your bit at the 2019 Puttinu Cares Marathon on the 13th, 14th and 15th of September at the Marsa Sports Grounds.

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