You’ll soon be able to home-school your little one in Malta

Malta is in the process of legalising home-schooling, which means you’ll be able to teach your kids from the comfort of your own home … but, it won’t come easy to those who want to give this a go.

Must have a teacher’s warrant

Unless the parent obtains a teaching warrant themselves, they will need to find an educator that is available to teach their child during school hours.

Must provide an experience equivalent to that of schools

This includes social and facility wise; this would mean that parents must give their home-schooled child facilities similar to sports grounds and science labs.

It also suggests that small classes and one-to-one lessons would be deemed irrelevant under the clause.

There isn’t much more information to give, except that the rules that accompany the home-school policy are still a bit up in the air and will need some clarification.

What do you think about this? Would you consider home-schooling your child?

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