You Wouldn’t Believe the Stunt Which Trump Had Planned After His ‘Recovery’


Donald Trump originally planned to unveil his return to full health after the coronavirus scare in a highly peculiar and cheesy manner!

Dismissing the millions around the world who have been, and will continue to be, severely impacted by the deadly virus, the American president took to Twitter to assure everyone that nobody should fear it.



In actual fact, however, video evidence had easily confirmed that he was far from cured, as he clearly struggled to breathe normally whilst attending his first official event after being discharged from Walter Reed Medical Centre, where he was recovered for just three days.



Yet, there’s more! The 45th President of the United States originally planned to wear a Superman t-shirt under his usual attire, which would be revealed to the public through his buttoned shirt being ripped open.

This would have been a dramatic approach to confirming his ‘full recovery’ from the virus. The New York Times recently confirmed that the president expressed concerns of looking weak after the treatment received for COVID-19, hence the wild idea he suggested over the phone; he believed the stunt would imply strength.



Despite the constant displays of recovery, as he even confirmed that his body is currently immune to the virus and cannot give it to anyone, one must keep in mind the individuals he exposed to the deadly disease whilst visiting his adoring admirers outside of the hospital: still sick, Trump willingly got into “The Beast” with the driver and Security Official, an aspect that various health experts have explained placed many at clear risk.

Whilst we thank the angels that he did not go through with the Superman stunt, it would have definitely been a sight to behold: the memes would have been endless and with reason. What do you think?


Photos: Chris Keane, Jonathan Ernst // Reuters // Newsweek