You need to be VERY careful with Facebook’s new ‘like’ feature

We all love a good stalk on Facebook.

Seeing what our exes are doing, delving deep into an old school friend’s Facebook photo album and genuinely being very nosy.

We didn’t need to worry about accidentally liking a photo and we could carry on for hours undetected.

But those days are now gone – as Facebook has just launched a new ‘like’ feature which could get you caught in SECONDS!

The social media site has changed its ‘liking system’ meaning if you double tap on a photo, this action now LIKES the image, rather than zooming in.

This just one of many new features added to the site, after the tech giant announced last year it was including an activity dashboard, a daily reminder and a new way to limit notifications.

The format is similar to Instagram’s liking system, which Facebook also owns.

The change was spotted by social media expert Matt Navarra.