You Could be Creating the Next Iconic Eurovision Tune!

Picture this. Third week of May. Sitting in front of a TV or a Big Screen. It’s just gone 8:45pm – and there it comes, Charpentier’s Te Deum.

Charpentier and Te Deum might mean nothing to you reading this, but if I was to rename it to THAT Eurovision Melody before the famed Contest starts, then I am sure you know what I am talking about.

Trivia Break: The Eurovision Song Contest is just one of many events which are organised by the European Broadcasting Union – The EBU, which this year celebrates its 70th Anniversary.

To mark this, the EBU has launched an Instagram contest “to show off the creativity and diversity of the public audiences that EBU Members serve.”

People are being invited to record their own performance (instrumental and/or vocal) of the music of the The Eurovision Anthem in the form of a digital video (60 seconds or less) in any style they wish – e.g. classical, jazz, rock and pop, electronic, hip hop, etc.

As with anything Eurovision, creativity and originality are key, so get those creative juices flowing guys!

The winner gets two tickets to May’s Grand Final in Rotterdam, complete with hotel accommodation, and reimbursement of travel costs – and the personal pride of hearing his or her creation before ANY EBU EVENT, be it the Eurovision Song Contest, be it Sanremo or be it the New Year’s Day Concert.

You can read all the rules and regulations HERE.