You Can Now Get A Pet Collar to Match Your Engagement Ring



There is a jeweller out there named Taylor & Hart thought of the dreamiest way to include your dog in the proposal.


They invented a pendent for your dog to match your engagement ring!



This is the ultimate accessory for any dog parent whether you plan to include your pup in that special moment or just buying them a treat.


The collection features a selection of designs which you can mix and match to your taste.


From round or squared pendants to hexagonal ones where you can engrave your dog’s name.


You Can Now Buy A Dog Collar To Match Your Engagement Ring


There is also the option to go for a completely bespoke design and rub shoulders with their team of award winning jewellery designers.


You can now get a dog collar to match your engagement ring | Virgin Radio UK


The range came after a recent survey that over 30% of pet owners have or are looking to get their pets involved and included in the proposals.



The findings also showed that over half of the brand’s customers have a furry baby with their partner.


Whilst over 60% of those shoppers intend to involve their dog in their wedding day plans.


Triple congratulations to the couples!

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