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You Can Now Get A Diamond-Encrusted Haribo Engagement Ring


If you have a sweet tooth and expensive taste, then I’ve just found your perfect engagement ring! Yep, everyone’s childhood dreams are about to come true this Valentines, as an engagement and wedding ring jewellery brand has launched a diamond-encrusted Haribo-inspired ring!



Pretty sweet, right? Alright, I’ll save the jokes but it’s true! Taylor & Hart have legitimately launched an 18-carat diamond-encrusted ring so that we can re-live our jelly pop ring proposals.



And obviously, they had to choose the iconic Haribo colours too, so the ring is also red and yellow! Apparently, this ring was also requested by several people, and now, it includes a ruby red band topped with a yellow gold basket of diamonds and yellow sapphire.


This diamond encrusted Haribo-inspired ring is really sweet (Credit: Taylor & Hart)


Honestly, this is the perfect gift for those marrying their childhood love…at a cost, of course. Yeah, unfortunately, we now have to pay for our rings, and for this specific one, it’s worth about £25,000.



The design director of the company shared, ‘We thought it was the perfect time to bring this brand new design to life. Combining custom-cut2 rubies and a syrupy cabochon yellow sapphire, this ring is one of the most ambitious we’ve ever created and definitely one of the most original.’


Haribo Friendship Rings – joe's Sweetie Barn


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