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You Can Now Fly Around The World For £999

A travel agency offers the ideal escape plan for anybody seeking to leave their country.

The whole trip will only set you back less than £1,000.



For under £999, Trailfinders has made a ticket for a round-the-world flight that includes the United States, Australia, and South East Asia.



Starting on November 15, the offer not only includes a route to satiate your wanderlust that involves flying into San Francisco and out of Los Angeles, but it also gives you plenty of time to experience California’s laid-back atmosphere before departing for Australia.


After visiting the sites in Oz, a flight into Kuala Lumpur and a flight out of Singapore will take you to Asia.



While the opportunity to travel and leave the country is certainly enticing, it’s also crucial to keep in mind the fundamentals. You know, things like your handbag, passport, and sunblock.