You can now eat Maltese food in the heart of Japan!

Us Maltese people love a good sushi buffet, but what we may have not known is that the Japanese apparently love themselves a good hearty Maltese meal too!

A recent post posted on Facebook group The Salott sees James sharing his experience in Maruta, a Maltese restaurant in the heart of Tokyo.

The owner of the restaurant, a man from Japan, came to Malta and fell in love with our food. (I mean, who can blame him?)

And Maltese food is not the only thing they serve, you can even watch TVM live while you’re there!

He’s got a Maltese menu ready to serve to anyone from our little island, with dishes like ‘Stuffat tal-Qarnit’ (Octopus stew), Ftira Maltija, Soppa tal-Armla and loads of other delicious Maltese dishes.

So if you’re ever in the East, and you’re missing a taste of home, Maruta’s got you sorted with some amazing dishes to curb those cravings and a cisk, or two!