You Can Now Earn €60 Per Hour To Watch TikToks


If you’re the type of person who easily to loses track of time scrolling through TikTok, take note: you can now earn €58.94 per hour for watching and reviewing TikToks for 10 hours a day! is looking for a TikTok Hack Reviewer to “improve efficiency in the construction supply industry by connecting customers with the most appropriate suppliers to fulfil their needs”.


The chosen candidate will be employed to watch DIY and home improvement videos, review them, and make notes on the ones that appear to be the most useful. Prior DIY expertise, as well as proven digital abilities and content development experience, are preferred, according to


Have we mentioned that the successful applicant will be paid around €60 per hour? If that’s not enough, they will also have access to flexible working hours, remote work, and free WiFi.


Find out more info on how to apply through the link below:

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