You Can Now Bathe In Pornstar Martinis


You might think this is a joke, but it’s actually true!


All you cocktail lovers out there are in for a treat because now you can actually bathe in Pornstar Martinis.


A spa booking service situated in the UK, is making our dreams into reality after launching the world’s first Porn Spa Martini experience. The idea behind the spa is that the classic cocktail’s ingredients consisting of passion fruit, vodka, lime juice and prosecco don’t just taste amazing together, but can also have beneficial properties for the body.



Apparently, prosecco keeps the lung tissue healthy and the Vitamin C and A in the passionfruit have anti-ageing, moisturizing and blood flow improving benefits that prevent wrinkles and make the skin look younger.


This hot tub is treated to ensure it’s at a safe and neutral pH, and also includes high levels of anti-oxidising and anti-inflammatory properties from passion fruit and lime juice.


Porn Spa Martini Experience lets you bathe in cocktails - Daily Star


Who wouldn’t want to unwind in a jacuzzi filled with their favourite cocktail?