You Can ‘Netflix & Chill’ For €60K This Valentine’s


Are you and your Valentine going to ‘Netflix and chill’ this year? You might as well make some money while you’re doing it — €60,000, to be precise.



Since the release of Stranger Things in 2016, streaming platforms have made binge-watching more acceptable than ever before: laying in front of the TV like a couch potato, steadily working your way through series after series, shamefully confirming you’re still watching when Netflix checks to see if you’re still alive.


People ploughed through their long list of must-see shows, especially during quarantine. But here’s a question: what’s the most binge-worthy show out there, and will it leave your eyes dry? Your inquiries will be answered if you accept this position.


Lenstore, an online contact lens retailer, is ‘on the hunt to find the biggest TV binger – someone who loves TV and sees the ‘are you still watching Netflix’ message multiple times a week’, according to the job application.


‘If this sounds like you, we want to challenge you to watch 10 different TV series and rate them in line with Lenstore’s new binge-ability ranking… and we’ll pay you! Yes, you did just read that correctly.’


Whoever gets the job will need to rank TV series, including shows set to return in 2022 like BridgertonLove is Blind and Ozark.


‘After watching you will be required to rate the show on a series of ‘bingeability metrics’ where you’ll be asked questions including, how likely you were to choose ‘next’ once an episode ended and how often you looked at your phone during an episode. Using all that data from your hard work of watching, we will compile a list of the most bingeable TV shows for all of us serial chillers,’ the application adds.


In exchange for your television watching, you’ll be given €60,000 and a year’s worth of eye drops!


Would you be interested?