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X Factor was great, but we want the Malta Eurovision Song Contest back

For the past two years, thousands of Maltese have gathered in front of their TV screens on a Sunday, to watch the latest singing reality TV show to hit our island. The X Factor Malta.

And while I do understand the importance of having a platform where newer generations can gain exposure and a solid foot within the Maltese music industry, it just doesn’t hit the same as the MESC once did.

Should X Factor cease to exist? No!

Should there still be an MESC? Most definitely.

The existence of one does not necessarily imply the negation of the other.

Hear me out on this one. As a 25 year-old Eurovision fan who spends the majority of the month of May, refreshing the Eurovision odds page (Hi, my name is Thea and I am a Eurovision addict), I know my opinions might be too strong for my own good… but can you imagine MESC royalty like Christabelle or Claudia Faniello going through X Factor for the chance to represent Malta in the Eurovision song contest?

And what about other X Factor contestants that did not win the trophy?

Like, Justine is still 16 years old (like the judges have reminded us so many times in the past four weeks). She would light that Eurovision stage up with energy like no other, but she won’t be able to because she didn’t win, and she can’t re-apply.

Now, the issue of the song comes in here, and it’s a bit of a tough one. If I am being honest, a bop like Chameleon would not have come out of MESC (you gotta give credit where credit is due). But what if the winner of the MESC is then given a song to represent Malta with, like we had done with Ira Losco and Walk on Water?

Here you might be saying, alura we just do X Factor mill-ewwel. But no, because those who compete in X Factor do not necessarily want to go to Eurovision.

Let X Factor be a platform for new artists to win a record deal, and let MESC be the platform to pick our Eurovision contestant.

It’s not like they haven’t made enough off of advertisements to fund both of them separately…

Maybe I just miss the level of Extra that the MESC brought with it. The blind eye everyone would turn at all the entertaining fashion disasters and tacky songs that came with it.

I mean… when Michela is remembered for her rendition of Shallow, more than she is for Chameleon… and when Claudia Faniello is remembered more for Caravaggio and Pure, than her original songs… that’s gotta tell you something.

What’s that? You forgot ‘Pure’? Here, let me jog your memory!

And while yes, some MESC songs are totally cringe, to say the least … let us not forget that the MESC gave us ‘Kewkba’ and ‘Pure’, and for that, Malta will be forever grateful. Those songs alone should be more than enough reason to give us our MESC back.

Scratch that… ‘Pure’ should be enough to bring the MESC back.

Rant over. Oki, bye thank you.