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X Factor Malta Season 2’s most meme-able moments so far!

So now that we went through the season’s best moments during yesterdays ‘special episode’ (a plot to delay the live shows even more … ) we thought we’d go through our favourite moments of the season so far.

Every time Ira Losco cried during the auditions

When I wouldn’t stop fan-girling over Julia

and Bloodline’s in the live shows now so … psychic?

When Dav Jr did this in his audition interview and no one ever acknowledged it again.

When Mark existed

When we all collectively decided to stan Ema

Only for her to be placed in a group one episode after oops

we really thought Destiny had found her match

When Chaz “turned into a pastry”

we miss you every day Chaz.

When we realised Karl actually snapped.

When Gianluca Bezzina’s influence lived on

Um … this.

When Bloodline was formed and it was over for all of you

Every time I was shook when CHILDREN sang scandalous lyrics

When Howard and I got tired of listening to everyone singing the same 3 songs

When Ben was a depiction of how 2020’s been going so far

When everyone kept wearing neon coloured clothes …

… and I made the same joke about it
(still brighter than my future)

When Ben was Ben.

Every time Yazmin and James breathed.

When Rewind deserved better


When FAITH wasn’t a bad idea after all.

ok maybe Howard did something.

Literally every single time Karl went on stage

Still the most iconic performance from both seasons FIGHT ME

when Ira wore clout goggles

when Justine had the most relatable reaction to passing to the live shows

Every time Ray confused us all

When FAITH felt every emotion at the same time

and when we finally finished judges houses and got to the live shows.