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Malta ranked one of the world’s happiest nations

Malta has been revealed as one of the happiest places in the world.

Malta came 22nd in the latest World Happiness Report, ahead of France, Spain, Italy and Brazil.

The list ranks 156 countries based on factors including life expectancy, social support, corruption levels and health.

Finland was number one after overtaking Norway which was champion in last year’s report.

Denmark was third, followed by Iceland and Switzerland.

The UK came in 19th position behind Canada, Costa Rica and Israel.

Top 10 happiest countries

1. Finland

2. Norway

3. Denmark

4. Iceland

5. Switzerland

6. Netherlands

7. Canada

8. New Zealand

9. Sweden

10. Australia

22. Malta

The total happiness score is calculated by surveying people across the globe and asking them to rank their happiness on a scale of one to 10.

Bottom of the list was Burundi, the Central African Republic and South Sudan.