World Mental Health Day Today & Everyday – It’s Not Over Yet


Although World Mental Health Day is celebrated every year on the 10th of October, the objective of the World Health Organisation (WHO) is to ensure that there is no health without mental health.



Crisis Revolution Malta, in collaboration with other organizations, has spearheaded an initiative to make sure that World Mental Health Day is commemorated not just on the 10th of October, but every day of the year…


The period between September and October has marked a highlight for the crisis team because they managed to save around 8 people in acute crisis on a daily basis. The campaign kicked off on the 10th of September, which marked World Suicide Prevention Day.



Further, the Krizi app has been in overdrive given the demand. This goes to show that Maltese, Gozitans, and expats living in Malta acknowledge our health and support and realise that we need to work together in order to stem these challenges.


Another principal objective of the campaign includes establishing a national suicide prevention committee with all stakeholders in a bid to activate the suicide prevention strategy which is in draft form locally. This is a mandatory requirement by WHO and the International Association for Suicide Prevention, among others.



If you or anyone you know is struggling, give this article a share. You might be saving a life.