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Works Have Started on the Kirkop Tunnels and Airport Intersection Project


Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital projects Ian Borg announced an €18 million investment in upgrading the Gudja roundabout, a new flyover for those traveling to and from Kirkop, Mqabba, Qrendi, Żurrieq and Safi as well as two new tunnels to improve access to the Airport and Freeport.


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Minister Ian Borg said, “This investment is one which will ease the life of many people, especially those who travel from here on a daily basis and get stuck in traffic. The priority of this government is always the safety of the people. Thus, with the new flyover, we have seen that both travel time will be reduced since traffic will be drastically cut and further the risk of accidents will be reduced. With this investment we will be making another step forward towards this Government’s vision in terms of greener infrastructure through lesser emissions as a result of lesser traffic and the adoption of cleaner and more sustainable modes of transport through more walkways, improved public transport amenities and safer cycle paths.”



The project is expected to include also a pedestrian walkway which Infrastructure Malta will be building along the same road as well as a new roundabout design that will be offering safer facilities for road users as well as cyclists.


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Infrastructure Malta started work on this project this week at the same time as the other two major infrastructure projects are nearing completion, the Santa Lucija Underpass project and the Marsa Junction Project.