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Woman Tragically Shot Dead This Morning In Paola

Woman Shot Dead Morning Paola


A woman was shot dead this morning at around 8am near MCAST, Paola.


Although a medical team was sent on site, the woman was certified dead on the spot.


Investigations show that the woman was shot by a shotgun. However, the shooter fled the scene.


Woman Shot Dead Morning Paola

Police are now looking for the shooter and the car he used.


The woman shot dead this morning has been identified as 40-year-old Bernice Cassar.


Bernice is the mother of two children who lives in Qrendi.



She was shot in the road in which she was driving in behind MCAST.


Police investigations suggest that Bernice Cassar’s murder was a result of domestic abuse.


The victim had made reports against her husband numerous times in the past.


The victim’s mother herself confirmed that Bernice had been reaching out for help. In fact, her most recent report was made yesterday.