Woman Sparks Debate After Threatening To Cancel Wedding If Fiancé Doesn’t Shave Beard


Alright, we’ve all seen our fair share of bridezillas, but Reddit might just have been crowned the biggest one yet… One bride told her husband-to-be that she would literally call off the wedding if he didn’t shave his beard for the ceremony, and as you guessed – the internet went wild.


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On Reddit’s thread titled Am I The Asshole, the woman explained that she had been with her fiancé ‘for over three years’ and is looking forward to a September wedding. As she explained, ‘My fiancé has been growing a beard ever since like March or so.’.



She continued, ‘I jokingly brought up his beard and our wedding the other day. I said ‘you ready to have a clean face for our wedding?’ He looked at me and was silent for a few seconds. He finally said ‘Um I was going to leave my beard for the wedding’.’


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I gave him a pretty gross look and said ‘no you are not. That is not acceptable. I will not have that.’, she added. ‘He got mad that I was telling him what to do and said that I can’t tell him what to do with his grooming preferences. I said that I have the right to since it is my wedding and I am marrying him.’



Naturally, things got a little heated from then on: ‘I said that I would cancel our wedding if he doesn’t shave. He didn’t budge. He ended up getting really mad by that comment and left shortly after.’ The bride also disclosed that they haven’t spoken much since the dispute.


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‘Just to clarify, I don’t hate his beard, it’s fine. I think at times that it can be attractive. I just don’t really like the idea of him not being clean-shaven on our wedding day. I feel as though the pictures will not be as classy and nice.’, she explained as she asked Redditors if she was in the right or wrong.



And basically, everyone was quick to chime in, with one user writing: ‘Short answer, yes. You are the asshole! Talk about over-entitled. Wow’, while another added ‘It’s his wedding too you know.


People were not impressed with the bride's behaviour (Credit: Reddit)


Another even wrote: ‘If you really don’t want him to have a beard for your wedding, you should have talked about it in a respectful way, not demanding and THEN doubling down on your rudeness by threatening to cancel the wedding!


Long story short, think twice before telling your partner to shave his beard.

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