Woman Refuses Proposal By A Friend At Her Wedding And Sparks A Debate


After months of preparation, tying the knot with your better half is one of the most special moment of your life.


But how would you feel about sharing it with your best friend?



No, we don’t mean a double wedding but rather one bride’s pal wanting to propose to her girlfriend during her nuptials.


Whether that is heart-warming or downright inappropriate, the jury is still out.



The 27 year old bride shared her dilemma on Reddit where she clearly seemed not too impressed when her friend shared her proposal plans.


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With the bride to be not so keen on the idea she refused and was told that she is just being selfish.


Furthermore, the bride to be told her that if they insist to proceed with the plan she will get a new maid of honour and uninvited them from the wedding.


Following this, the woman and the maid of honour hadn’t spoken in a month.



People reacted differently to this with some siding with the bride and saying that she doesn’t sound like much of a friend.


Some even pointed out that they love how they think you are selfish for not wanting her to propose at your wedding.



Taking a different stance on the debate, others said that they would feel happy for their friends if they got engaged at their wedding.


As for who is in the right here, it seems the answer isn’t clear cut…

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