Woman Receives Letter 52 Years After It Was Posted

A woman from Lithuania received a letter that was delivered almost 52 years after it was sent by a pen pal in Poland.
The woman was supposed to be around 12-years-old when she received the letter, but after all those years Genovefa Klonovska is now in her 60s. Initially, Genovefa thought that “someone was pranking me” after being handed the letter which included a handmade colored rose and two paper dolls.
brown paper and black pen
The letter was found after it fell out of a ventilation hole from a demolished wall in a former post office along with 17 other letters. These letters were going to be thrown away but the owner of the building insisted on keeping them and sending them to the receivers. The letters were likely hidden by an unscrupulous postal worker after he searched them for cash or valuables.
In the letter, a girl named Ewa complained with Genovefa about how the buses no longer reached her village so she was having to walk in minus 23 degree celsius weather. Sadly, Genovefa has no memory of Ewa because she probably wrote to her after finding her address on adverts for pen pals on the newspaper.

During the time the letter was sent, Lithuania was part of the Soviet Union and the senders were usually emigrant relatives or pen pals. From all those letters, only five recipients were found.