Woman Quits Driving Due To Lack Of Parking


Have you ever gotten so fed up with searching for parking that you just stopped driving? Well, Carol McNulty from Sidney Street, Lincolnshire did just that because finding parking on her street was becoming too difficult.


Other residents also found the same problem with the state of parking in their street, saying that the problem gets even worse in the evenings. They believe that most of the cars belong to those visiting the nearby Masonic Hall. In fact, they even said that the situation got so bad that an emergency vehicle wouldn’t even be able to drive down the street if needed.


Carol quickly solved this parking problem after she ditched driving altogether to avoid parking. She said: “When I came here, I gave up driving because there was no way I was going to park on this street.”


Credit: BPM Media


Another resident, 83-year-old Rowland Ekwulugo said that although he doesn’t drive, he has visitors who do and find the same parking problems. During busy hours of the day, the road even becomes relatively narrow for larger vehicles to pass.


Has parking in Malta ever got you to this point?