Woman Puts Husband Up For Sale On Auction Site


After he left her at home with the kids during the summer holidays to go on a fishing trip, an Irish woman recently placed her husband up for sale on an auction site


The ad was taken down after it was found to be in violation of the site’s terms and conditions, but not before bidding had reached €63.



According to Linda McAlister’s advert, her husband John is a “decent breeding, 6’1, 37 years old and a beef farmer”. He’s a “shootin’, and fishin’ sort of fellow” she added to warn prospective buyers of his fondness for a fishing trip – any takers?


John had many previous owners, according to McAlister, but he would remain loyal if he was fed and hydrated.


“Excessive hydration may have unfavourable repercussions… Linda wrote, “Videos are available upon request.”


It seems people were seriously considering the purchase, with one user enquiring for further information…



John was apparently only made aware of the deal when his pals informed him about it. The couple lives in New Zealand.


According to Linda her husband was a good sport about the prank!


 “He was sure he would fetch a pretty penny… he is avidly watching the ad to prove said theory.”



John told the publication he had learned his lesson and advised other husbands to “watch themselves” before leaving their wife at home with the kids to embark on an impromptu fishing trip – wise words from a wise man.