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Woman Performs Sex Act to Hold Thief Until the Police, well, Came!


A 24-year old man attempted to rob a petrol station in Bratislava (Slovakia) overnight, on Tuesday. In his attempt, the man hit an employee, took the cash register and also demanded money from the safe.

While in the store, the man was distracted by a 36-year old Czech woman, who decided it was a wise idea to perform a sex act on him, to delay him enough, for the police officers to reach the scene. This happened as the robber made his way to the back office, where he asked a second member of staff to open up the safe, according to local news station Noviny.



This second woman, ran out and called the police, and this is when the 36-year old appeared with her ingenious idea. When the police eventually did arrive, they found them both half-naked on the floor.

While the man was arrested, the police did say that he put up stiff resistance, adding that coercive measures were used against him. While it is not clear how the woman and the man ended up in the compromising situation, police investigations are ongoing.