Woman Pays £18,000 To Clone Her Cat


A woman paid £18,000 to clone her pet cat after she died at the age of five!


32-year-old Kelly Anderson from Austin, Texas decided  that she wanted to clone her cat after she died from post-op complications. She wanted to clone her cat called Chai back in 2017 with a vet-tech company which offers cloning services to pet owners.


The company took the cat’s DNA to place it into an empty egg and implant it into a surrogate cat. It took around four years of unsuccessful attempts until Chai’s clone, a kitten called Belle was born last August.


Credit: SWNS


In an interview Kelly said: “It was so disheartening after every failed attempt, so I kind of ‘shut off’ to it… When I got the call, I was in shock. I had completely turned off my emotions.”


Eventually, Kelly got to meet Belle in October. She shared her whole cloning experience online and many disagreed with her actions saying that replacing her pet was unfair. She described the whole experience as a coping mechanism to cope with the grief after losing Chai but by the time Belle arrived she had already grieved Chai.
Credit: SWNS


However, despite the mixed opinions she received, Kelly doesn’t regret cloning her cat and continues to share her story online.


Would you clone your pet?