Woman From ‘Disaster Girl’ Meme Sells Original Photo for $430,000


We are pretty sure that at some point we have all related to the ‘Disaster Girl’ meme. However, one of us valued this image so much, that they were willing to fork out thousands of dollars for it.


Zoe Roth Explains What It Was Like Growing Up As “Disaster Girl” And How The Meme Impacted Her Over The Last 15 Years | Know Your Meme


The iconic image of four-year-old Zoe Roth smirking at the camera whilst a house is burning down in the background has gone internet viral over the last few years, thanks to our beloved meme culture.



Now, at 21 years of age, Zoe just realised that her younger self was an internet hero, and she can sell the image with a potential profit of six figures in her bank account.



The image was listed during a 24-hour live auction site and following a series of bids, it finally sold for 180 Ether, which works out at about £430,000.



The 21-year-old plans to share the money between her and her family as her father is the one who snapped the picture in the first place. Bless her.


Disaster Girl' Makes Over $400,000 Off Her Internet Fame - Sputnik International


Plus, she also intends to donate a portion to non-profit organizations…The image was taken in January 2005 when Zoe and her family were living two blocks away from a fire station and her father decided that it was the perfect time to test out his new camera.

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