Woman Escapes & Catches Her Kidnapper


A 35-year-old woman is sharing her story of how she assisted in the capture of a serial killer 20 years after he kidnapped her.


Kara Robinson Chamberlain at 15


Kara Robinson Chamberlain was just 15 years old when serial killer Richard Evonitz approached her outside her friend’s house and pulled a gun on her, forcing her to get into a large storage bin he carried in the back of his car.



The serial killer had already claimed the lives of three other girls and had initially posed as someone handing out pamphlets. He spotted Kara while she was watering the flowers in the garden of her friend’s parents’ home.


Kara described him as being in his 30s in a baseball cap, shirt and jeans, and said he had initially seemed “friendly”.


The serial killer and kidnapper



Despite the distressing circumstances, Kara was able to pay attention to the turns Evonitz made on his way to his apartment, as well as the music he was listening to, the cigarettes he was smoking, and the serial number on the inside of the container in which she was forced to kneel.


“My survival mechanism said, ‘All right, let’s gather as much information as we can.


“Fear barely even kicked in…the human will to survive and the survival mechanism really just can’t be underestimated.”


During the journey, Evonitz pulled over to shackle Kara and place a gag in her mouth. He abused her for 18 hours when they arrived at his residence.




Determined to live, she took advantage of every aspect, even agreeing to sweep the floors when her kidnapper tried to feed her.


She utilized the time she was cleaning up to memorize the names of his physicians and dentists, which were scribbled on sticky notes on his refrigerator.


Kara Robinson Chamberlain, now


Sheriff Leon Lott of Richland County told PEOPLE that even at 15, Kara was employing manipulation techniques used by trained police negotiators.