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Woman Ends Up Looking Like Homer Simpson After ‘Lip-Flip’

The beauty world is ever-evolving, and the more complicated the technology and techniques get, the more can go wrong!

Introducing Jade (@thatgirljade), who shared her beauty mishap with thousands of TikTok viewers with this video.



As she explains, the chocolatey look around her mouth is actually tiny spots of burnt skin. When healed, the procedure should lift up her lips to make them look bigger and fuller.



On the plus-side, this is a non-surgical solution to tighten up the skin and plump up the lips, which is a breath of fresh air following the countless horror stories of lip-filler gone wrong.



However, what Jade is currently left with is a dark brown patch covering her mouth looking like she stuffed her face into a jar of Nutella trying to lick the bottom clean. Luckily, it seems like the brown will wear off as the skin starts to heal, yet when presenting yourself like this to a multi-billion user platform like TikTok, I’m not sure what Jade expected in terms of reactions from the people.

Adding insult to injury, Jade dropped an eye-watering 750 euro on this procedure!



I know there are a lot of cosplay fans out there, and costumes don’t come cheap, but if she really wanted to go for that Homer Simpson look a white collared t-shirt and a box of doughnuts would have done the job just as well!