Woman Decorates House In Everything-Yellow


Fitri Rahmawati’s favourite colour is yellow. But that’s a bit of an understatement.



She loves and is obsessed with the colour yellow but, who can blame her? The colour just radiates happiness and positivity and Fitri made sure that wherever she goes, she takes a bit of yellow with her!


The 30-year-old teacher has spent years amassing her yellow collection, which includes yellow pots and pans, a yellow scooter (complete with matching helmet), and all-yellow clothing.


‘I really like yellow, every time I see something in yellow, I’m definitely interested and want to have it,’ says Fitri Rahmawati.


Fitri’s fascination with sunlight colours began when she was a child when she got enthralled by the colour, which was also a political symbol.



Thankfully, Fitri’s husband wasn’t anti-yellow and was on board with her decorating their entire house in yellow.



Fitri began the renovation as soon as they moved there, purchasing yellow wallpaper, linens, rugs, curtains, and even a custom-made sofa.


Yellow stickers were used to embellish the fridge, stove, and dispensers, while flower pots and umbrella holders were purchased in the shade.



What’s your favourite colour and would you do it to your house?