Woman appeals for help in finding a forever home for dog who’s had ‘a total nightmare’ of a month

A post on the popular Facebook page ‘Innocent Paws’ has been shared almost 400 times over the last 24 hours. The page is owned by ‘animal lover’ Maria who is ‘passionate about the voiceless’ and seeks to help find good homes for those animals that need it.

Her latest mission is to find a forever home for Milo, a male boxer mix. Milo was first adopted by a loving family from a sanctuary two years ago. However, things recently took a turn when the family had to give him up due to ‘personal reasons’. Since then, the boxer has moved five houses and has had 6/7 owners and he is currently sedated and receiving treatment for his wounds in hospital after being found injured and alone on a bus.

Now, Maria wants his ‘stressful month’ to come to an end.  She describes him as:

“The most loving dog ever, He is great with other dogs apart from he is a little wary of huskies as one bite him when he was a puppy. With cats he is just interested in them and wants to be their friend.
Amazing with children; although he’s quite big he is excited to see them and then calms down.
He does his business on the roof.
He is scared of fireworks, loves to swim & loves loves loves plastic bottles with peanut butter on top”

In the comments below the post, most people have expressed their sympathy for Milo and took to sharing the post in the hopes of finding him a stable home. Others have criticised those owners who rehome dogs shortly after adopting them: “you don’t rehome your kids and that’s what pets are. Our kids.”

This appeal comes days after a new controversial government initiative to help reduce the large numbers of abandoned animals by offering €150 to owners who adopt from sanctuaries.

Can you help find Milo the forever home he so desperately needs?