With Just the Final To Go, our MGT 5th Judge Rounds Up Yesterday’s Show


Yesterday we watched our tenth episode of Malta’s Got Talent (yes, we have actually sat through ten of these) which means we’ve finally made it to the third and final semi-final! If you still need to catch up, here’s your quick summary:

As usual, Gordon started off the show, this time by temporarily becoming a fashion influencer – sorry Sarah, you’ve been replaced.


I also see he took note of our robin hood comment.

Yulan gave a Golden Buzzer worthy performance, according to Maxine and Howard!


You know you’re good when Howard wants to give you a Golden Buzzer even though he doesn’t have one anymore.



Claudia carried on the new tradition of doing 51924 talents instead of 1.

Dancing, singing, animal activism (if you know, you know) … is this what we would have been like if we actually went through with our lockdown goals.

Justin attempted to burn down the Malta’s Got Talent set.

Yes, he’s spinning a flaming cube.



Marissa actually defied gravity.


Nicole gave an amazing performance thanks to her sponsors Frozen and Cling Film


Sarah nearly ruined Michael Mock’s ‘mentalism’ performance.

It actually didn’t affect his act at all, it was just a hilarious moment and had to be mentioned.



Lapes did a 180 from his audition with a surprisingly emotional performance about his grandfather.

We’ll admit we miss the one-liners, but we’ll take this too!

Just like their audition, Inefable had people flying and jumping and hazards of all sorts all over the stage for the full two minutes.


And we expected nothing less.



Our favourite trio: Lola, Anthony, and Kian were back with the … interesting covers, this time with some Maltese classics.


Kinetic Dance Academy pulled out their secondary school uniform’s tartan skirt/shorts for their performance.


At least they’re self-aware.

After a “waqfa qasira” we received the voting results as usual, with Kinetic Dance Academy and Lapes coming in the top two and going straight to the final and the judges having to vote between Yulan and Sarah’s ‘Golden Girl’ Nicole. The final and deciding vote was cast by Howard who stuck to his word and went with Yulan. And just like that, we’ve only got one episode left!

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