Winter is coming: cold spell to hit Malta this week

The sun might’ve made a hefty appearance after yesterday’s storm, but temperatures are expected to drop for the rest of the week … just in time for Halloween and the beginning of November.

Temperatures are predicted to go as high as 24°C and drop as low as 16°C with thunderstorms predicted every day from today till Friday, according to the meteorological office at Malta airport.

The drop in temperature across our islands comes from a cold air-mass that is predicted to spread across a large part of Europe, including the UK and France, from 30 October to 2 November.

However, the temperature dip in Malta will be felt far less severely than in other parts of Europe.

Thunderstorms are most likely to hit the island from tomorrow up till Thursday, making it the perfect weather for a gloomy Halloween.

Take those hoodies and jackets out of your winter wardrobe, and keep your umbrellas handy … winter is coming.

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