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6 Winter date ideas on a tight budget in Malta

Let’s face it. You’re probably eagerly waiting for your next pay to come in and are experiencing some post-holiday blues, especially when it comes to money.

Got a date night to plan? Here are some date night ideas on a €20 budget for the winter season.

1. Pet date

For the animal lovers out there, you can hit two birds with one stone! Taking both of your loved ones out and spending some much-needed quality time.

You can go to the dog park in Ta’ Qali, or something a bit quieter like the Buskett gardens, or any nice location where your dog can get some fresh air and some much-needed exercise.

If your date loves dogs, then it’s something both of you will definitely enjoy.

2.Tea/Wine Date


Get to know each other a bit better over a bottle of wine, or if you’re anything like the writer of this article and prefer hot beverages over alcohol, a warm thermos of tea.

Head over to the nearest shop and buy some nibbles or something to dip into your tea, and you’re good to go.

All that’s left is choosing the perfect location. Depending on the weather, you can always grab a few blankets and head over to somewhere with a view like Dingli; although in this cold weather you’ll probably just want to chill in your car.

3. A walk along the Victoria lines to watch the sunset


You’d be surprised how nice afternoon dates can be, especially if you’ve planned to watch the sunset.

There are various locations where the sunset will take your breath away in all its glory, but we do recommend a cute little walk along the Victoria lines for the best view and the most gorgeous instagrammable location.

4.Picnic in a remote location


Grab the leftover dinner from last night, or go buy some nibbles from the closest supermarket; a thermos of tea and some camping chairs. That’s all you need for this date idea on a budget.

Locations here are endless; Madliena, Top of the World, Selmun, Wied il-Għasel … anywhere you can just chill in nature.

We do recommend taking blankets with you though, it might get a “bit” chilly.

5. Netflix and relax in your summer residence


Some of us are lucky enough to have someone in their family own a summer residence, whether it’s a garage next to the sea, or a small boathouse, or an apartment somewhere.

Come winter, these locations are perfect for your date night if they’re not being used for other purposes. So you can just head over there with all the blankets you can carry, a few nibbles or take-out and your trusted source of Netflix.

6. Watch a movie

Looking for a one-off date night that will give you something new to talk about but don’t have that much money to spend?

There’s so much you can do with a €20 budget, but for that price, you can watch a movie and snack on some delicious popcorn at the Eden Cinemas. It’s the perfect thing to spend some quality time together in silence.

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