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Wikipedia Turns 20 Today…and is Throwing a Virtual Party!

If you had to ask anyone about their assignment and research days, one common word which will definitely feature in all the answers is definitely Wikipedia.

The online encyclopedia of free knowledge was founded by an American-British entrepreneur Jimmy Wales, and supported by a non-profit foundation. It is now the seventh-most popular website in the world which hosts millions of users and now exists in 300 languages.

Annually, the website attracts close to 15 billion hits from visitors and nearly 250,000 writers worldwide contribute to the site’s content each month. Wikipedia hosts 55 million articles and 6.2 million individual content pages in English language with 20 billion page views per month and nearly100 million edits. As a free content, non-profit institution, the website thrives on Friedrich Hayek’s concept of “The Use of Knowledge In Society.” Using that inspiration, the volunteers and contributors have updated the site with information on a variety of subjects over the past two decades.

The celebrations will this year be, like most of our life in 2020, an-online event, streamed worldwide at 20:00 UTC, from all over the world and from all over the universe, as it will also feature a twitter chat with the International Space Station!

In a blogpost, Wikipedia informed that since beginning in 2001, the free access information site has exemplified the idea that people could collaborate together and build a robust knowledge portal with volunteers who share their knowledge, the community organizers who host convenings and new editors, donors, developers who make sure that Wikipedia is fast and accessible for the readers. The website informed that it will be streaming a live community celebration which will include remarks from Wikipedia volunteers about their experiences with the website for the past 20 years with a word from the founder of Wikipedia Jimmy Wales and the Executive Director of the Wikimedia Foundation.

“To commemorate 20 years of this global movement, we are celebrating all of the people who make Wikipedia possible — the volunteers who share their knowledge, the community organizers who host covenings and welcome new editors, the donors who contribute to keep Wikipedia going, the developers who make sure Wikipedia is fast and accessible, and so many more,” Wikipedia said, adding that it all starts at 5pm MALTA Time!