Why The Internet Was Shutdown Amid Anti-Hindu Violence in Bangladesh


With the internet blackout currently happening in Bangladesh, many are oblivious to what’s actually going on in the country at the moment…



Although the internet and 4G of the country were taken down in a bid to silence the media, several people have tried their utmost to take to their social media feeds and post footage and updates of what’s actually going on behind closed doors.


Hindus denounce violence amid new attacks in Bangladesh | The Independent


At the time of writing, Hindu men are being killed; Hindu women are being gang-raped; Hindu homes are being burned; temples are being destroyed –  all of which are leading Hindus to fear another genocide…



During the night, Jihadist groups even purposely burned down 500 Hindu homes not just in Bangladesh, but in Pirganj and Rangpur too.



All of these crude acts echo the 1971 Liberation War of Bangladesh, which had forced Hindus to hide their religion for dear life.


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